What is Force Gmail Login?

In the Social WiFi dashboard, go to the Venue that you wish to change and on the Settings tab, find the Features section. Within here is an option called Force Gmail Login.

A common question that we receive is ‘what does that do’?

Very simply, if a user attempts to log in through the Email login option and uses a gmail.com or googlemail.com domain, we will redirect that user through the Gmail API.

The benefit of this is twofold:

  1. We will gather additional data about that user such as Name and Date of Birth,

  2. The users’ email will be verified, meaning that they do not have to receive the Activation Email.

This function will not work on Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points that are not configured with a MikroTik router.

If you are to set this option to on, you need to ensure that you have Google’s Walled Garden rules set up on the Access Point configuration. You can find these on the relevant vendors configuration guide.

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