How to ask a user for more feedback

Reviews by Social WiFi is a very smart way to get positive feedback online and to manage negative feedback within our system. But what could you do if somebody leaves you a bad review and doesn’t include any comments as to why?

What can you do to find out a bit more? Let’s show you…

1) Within the Social WiFi dashboard, you need to log in to the specific Venue that you wish to reply from. You can see the feedback you are receiving while at a Project level, but to reply, you must be in the specific Venue.

2) On the left side panel, select Inbox and Ratings without comments from the top of the page.

3) You will see a list of ratings received from your users, their email address, their score and the date received.

4) On the right side, click Ask for feedback and you will get a pop-up window where you can write an email message to the user. When ready, click SEND.

The user will receive an email saying that they have received a new message from the manager at your venue with a link to read the message and see the entire conversation.

Because the dashboard also shows the email address of the user that left the feedback, you can take the email address and send the user a message direct from your own email account.

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