Controller access for Social WiFi


If you're configuring Social WiFi on Ubiquiti UniFi controller version 7.4 and higher, you will see that we require the username and password to access the controller from our panel. If you don't want to share your personal credentials, please create a user account with this guide.

Adding the new user account

Go to Settings(1) -> System(2) -> Administration(3).

In Administration tab, you should see this window. Click on + Add New Admin.

You should see a pop up window, configure as follows:

Remote Access



Leave empty


*Give the account any name you'd like

Set Admin Password


Temporary Password

*Set the password for the account


Site Administrator

Site Permissions

Uncheck all

Now, click Invite.

As you can see, the account has been added. You can now use it to integrate with Social WiFi without giving out your personal credentials.

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