UniFi APs and MikroTik

Problem description

After logging into Social WiFi service while using a MikroTik router with UniFi Acccess Points connected to it you experience one of the following issues:

  • Empty page being displayed after pressing “Connect” when logging into the service

  • Nothing happens after going through the agreement page (if you have set “Redirect to URL” on your welcome page)

Possible reason

You might have Guest Network mode enabled on your SSID in UniFi admin panel. This setting isolates clients on the WiFi network, which means it blocks their access to other hosts on the same network and other LAN networks. For Social WiFi login to work, a host has to be able to communicate with the MikroTik router, so you'll need to allow access to MikroTik's IP address.


  1. Open UniFi admin panel

  2. Go to Settings -> Guest Control

  3. Scroll down to Guest Control section

  4. In the Pre-Authorization Access add the Default Gateway of the MikroTik router (e.g.

  5. Click APPLY CHANGES on the bottom of the page

If you still encounter the issue after following the instructions, please contact Social WiFi support at support@socialwifi.com.

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