Login process


This article outlines a correctly configured and operational login process for your network. Both mobile systems (Android and iOS) are included.

Should you encounter any issues with Social WiFi, please identify the specific stage where the problem occurs.

Connecting to the WiFi network

Step 1

Once you have completed the setup for Social WiFi, verify that your SSID appears in the Wi-Fi settings. If the network you configured for Social WiFi is visible, attempt to connect to it. For this article, we're using an SSID labeled "Social WiFi."

Step 2

After selecting the network, please wait momentarily for a pop-up window to appear.

Login screen

Step 3

Once connected to the WiFi network, the login screen designed in the Social WiFi panel should appear. The design shown here is for demonstration only; your actual splash pages will differ and should include your branding.

Step 4

If a pop-up appears displaying various login methods, please select one and proceed to log in. In this example, we are using email login, but feel free to choose any available method.

After logging in, you will be automatically redirected to the Agreements page.

Agreements page

Step 5

You should now be viewing the Agreements page. Please review the Privacy Policy and click "Accept" if you agree to the terms. You should be redirected to the next page after.

Welcome Page

Step 6

After logging in and accepting the terms, you will be directed to the Welcome Page. Since the selected login method was email, you will see a button labeled "Check your inbox." If a different login method is used, the Welcome Page may vary, typically featuring a button that says "Connect to Internet."

Step 7

After clicking the button, Apple devices will be redirected to the next screen (screenshot below), you will have an internet connection. Also, in the upper right corner, "Cancel" changes to "Done".

For Android devices, you won't see this final page due to the way the Android system functions. Once you connect in Step 6, the pop-up window will automatically close.


If your configuration is set up correctly, you should experience the login process as described above.

If any of the steps do not work as outlined, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@socialwifi.com. Include a description of the issue and specify at which step you are encountering difficulties.

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