How to make the email verification link compulsory

During the login process, users that log in by submitting their email address will receive an email from Social WiFi asking them to verify their email address. This is presented in a way that implies that you need to click it to get access to the internet.

This is not the case though. When a user receives this email, they already have access to the internet. This is because of technical limitation on WiFi hardware that prevent us from removing a user from the network after x minutes if they do not click the link. This is something that has gone backwards with technology in recent years.

So, the simple answer is that it is not possible.

This means that if you have email login as an option, you will have users whose email address does not appear in the dashboard.

Why is the data not in the dashboard?

Users who do not click the verification link will not appear in the User Data exports in the dashboard. Only after they click this link will they appear. This is because we need to verify that the email address that they have used belongs to them.

We use a third-party software during the login process to detect is the email address submitted is real. It is accurate to 99% and if it detects the email is fake, it will ask them to submit another email.

Why do you need to verify the email?

It would be very easy for somebody to use another person’s email address to log in to WiFi. Imagine if you tried to log in using the email

This email might exist. However, it is very unlikely that the President has logged in to the WiFi network and therefore, he won’t want to be receiving your promotional emails. If he was there though and he receives the verification email, he can click the link to move the process forward.

In summary, we will only fill your database with email addresses from users that are verified.

Users logging in with Social Media, do not receive this email, as the email address is already verified by the Social Media provider.

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