Integrate with Zapier


Social WiFi’s Zapier integration makes it easy to connect to any apps you’re already using.

Currently Zapier supports two Social WiFi triggers:

  1. User Visited Venue: Receiving data about your clients’ activities in your venue

  2. User Data Deleted: Unsubscription of a user from your venue

Some examples of what you can do using Zapier:

  1. Control your user data in Google Sheets

  2. Draft an email in Gmail to your new clients

  3. Send the data to your CRM

  4. Subscribe your Social WiFi users to a newsletter

How to connect Zapier to Social WiFi

The following process uses the “User Data Push” trigger as an example.

  1. Create a Zapier account if you don’t already have one. If you’re an existing user, please login to Zapier.

  2. Click Create Zap.

  3. Choose a trigger app, pick Social WiFi User Visited Venue. Connect your Social WiFi account, give “Zapier” permissions to access your venues and select the venue you’d like to follow.

  4. For the action app, for the sake of this example, choose Google Sheets – Create Spreadsheat Row. Connect your Google Sheets account and select the worksheet in which your user data should be placed. Connect sent fields with the names of the columns.

  5. Once you’ve turned the Zap on, you should start receiving your user data automatically whenever they connect.

  6. Now you can configure your second Zap for managing users’ unsubscriptions. It’s especially recommended if you’re operating in a country under the GDPR rules.

Sending test data to Zapier

If you’re interested in seeing some real user data in Zapier without connecting to your WiFi network, you can use the demo login mechanics.

  1. Log into Social WiFi Panel and click on the venue you’ve used in your Zap.

  2. In the Home tab, within the Login process table, click “Generate login demo”.

3. Once you click it, the button allows you to go through the login process – your data provided during this demo login process should be appearing in Zapier.

If you have any additional questions, you can reach out to

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