Add additional APs to MikroTik

While configuring your MikroTik router with Social WiFi, you might have decided to use additional Access Points to make it easier for your customers to connect to your WiFi network.

Do note that if your Access Point is controlled through a cloud solution, additional configuration of the AP might be necessary in order to not restrict internet access. For reference, see this article on utilising UniFi APs with a MikroTik router.

1) Complete the configuration as described in the MikroTik Installation Guide.

2) Go to Bridge → Ports

3) Select your chosen ports and press “Remove”

WARNING! You will not be able to remove a port if it has a master port set. In order to change this, go to Interfaces tab in the main menu, double click on your chosen port, set Master Port to “none”, and press “Apply”. You should now be able to remove the port.

4) Press “Add”


Your chosen port




5) Connect your Access Point to the newly configured port

Repeat the process for all ports you would like to connect your APs to.

If your setup is not working after following the instructions, please contact Social WiFi support at

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