How Auto Login works

Auto-login a function where users can roam between venues of a business without having to log in each time they visit. Any user that has previously logged in at one venue, won’t have to log in at another. It’ll be a seamless process, but the data will still be posted to both venues. The only thing they will need to do is click the Connect to Internet button.

The main benefit of this process is for places like coffee shops. You can log in to one shop in a chain and then be logged into them all. After all, they’ve already got your data.

This works on a per device basis.

This does not work if a user logs in via email but doesn’t click the verification link. We’ll keep asking them to log in until they verify.

1. To make Auto-Login feature working you have to enable it in your Social WiFi’s account, on the right side find Settings and then find the Features box. Click Edit.

2. To enable Autologin, toggle the button on the right.

3. Click Submit and it’s done!

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