Google login doesn't work on mobile devices


When you try to sign in using the Google Login option, you may see that it's grayed out. When you press on it, it usually doesn't work. This happens mostly on mobile devices.


The reason for this is that Google has rolled out a security update that means they don't allow login with their system on many platforms anymore. Our service, being a captive portal, is one of them.

It still works on desktop and certain devices, but many mobile phones are blocked. For more information check out this link:

Is there any workaround?

Unfortunately, there is not. The only workaround would be to connect to the WiFi network, ignore the pop-up and open your browser. Then try to type in any site (preferably not encrypted, like ""), which should force the pop-up to appear in a regular browser.

This way you should be able to log in using Google. It's the only possible workaround for now.

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