Why there are multiple activation emails for one user?

What is an activation email?

An activation email is sent whenever a new user logs in with the email login widget in order to confirm that the email address belongs to them.

What if a user does not activate their email address?

In case the button within the activation email is not clicked, the email address will not be exportable or usable within the mailing modules of Social WiFi.

What is more, the user will not be remembered and every time they reconnect, they will be asked to log in again, until they click the button in the activation email.

How does a user end up with multiple activation emails?

Until the button in the activation email is clicked, the user will have to manually put in the email address on every connection to the network. Every time they do, a new activation email will be sent.

The reason behind it is that otherwise, if they forgot to click or deleted the first activation email, they would not be able to use their email address with Social WiFi login.

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