Adding Email Attachments

One of Social WiFi’s most popular features is the sending of emails by using our Automations system. You’ll find lots of articles within the Academy on the types of emails that you can send but none of them talk about how to add attachments to these.

So let’s have a look at it in detail here.

The process for adding an attachment is the same for all emails that you can send through the Social WiFi dashboard, EXCEPT the Review Request email. So, this guide covers all Email Automations and Mass Mailing.

The process is the same whether you are creating a new email or editing an existing email.

How to add an Attachment

1) Emails can only be set up within a Venue, so from the Social WiFi dashboard, select the Venue that you wish to work with.

2) On the Left side of the page, select Mailing and either Email Automations or Mass Mailing

3) Depending on whether you are setting up a new email or editing an existing email, you will need to navigate to the section where you are able to Edit the Template. If you are creating a new Email, this will be the second step after configuring the email setup.

4) At the top of the editing panel, you will see a tab named Edit Attachments. Select this.

5) You will see the option to add attachments by clicking the Browse button. Also if you have more than one language configured on your Login Page, you will see the option to select which language you wish to link the attachment to.

6) If you are happy with the selection, you can click Save

7) Set a name for the attachment and click Save Name

8) Your attachment is completed and will be sent to the relevant emails once the campaign is Activated from the main Mailing Tab

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