QR codes and Social WiFi

Generate a QR code

You can generate and download the QR code using this link: QR Code generator for WiFi. However, it should work with any QR code generator that can generate WiFi codes.

How to generate the code

If your network uses a WPA/WPA2 password, make sure the "Encryption" option is set to WPA2. Also, make sure the password you enter is correct.

If your WiFi network doesn't require a password to log in, simply leave the "Password" section empty. Also, make sure to set "Encryption" to None.

Then, press Generate Free WiFi QR Code. This will generate your code and allow you to download it as an image when you scroll down.

Unwanted behavior

In most cases, redirection doesn't happen automatically. What your customer expects to happen is not what will happen.

On Android and Apple mobile devices, there is a delay of around 10 seconds between scanning the QR code and seeing the pop-up. It's also important to note that all of these devices require you to manually press some sort of 'connect to WiFi' button.

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