How to collect phone numbers

Collecting phone numbers is a sought-after feature for anyone wishing to go down the SMS marketing route. In this article, we’re going to go through 2 ways in which Social WiFi allows you to gather phone numbers during the login process.

Verified phone login

This is a premium feature. To enable it, reach out to us at or chat with our consultants in the dashboard. Additional fees may be applied for sending SMS verification codes.

You may enable phone login by dragging in the phone login widget onto your login page; you may also enable it within your login bundle. Once it’s active, after clicking on the widget, users will be asked to put in their phone number. The suggested regional code depends on your venue’s location.

Once a valid phone number is put in (basic validation is enabled), a text message with a verification code will be sent from Social WiFi to the user. The user has to put in the code; otherwise, they can go back and put in another phone number or use a different login method.

The upside of using the phone login method is that all numbers are verified and as such, highly valuable.

Email login – phone number field

Phone numbers collected via the email login widget are unverified and might not belong to the users.

You may start collecting phone numbers by adding a phone number field to your email login widget. Please keep in mind that only email addresses collected through the email login widget are being confirmed, so the phone numbers will only go through basic verification of whether they are real phone numbers or not.

You can distinguish between confirmed and unconfirmed phone numbers – there is a dedicated column in the User data tab called “Phone confirmed”; the rows are marked as “Yes” or “No”.

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