Understanding Access Point statuses?

Access Point status describes how your added device behaved in each login steps. The steps are marked as “arrows” and every each, describes different status.

First step is right after you’ve added device. It tells: “No device has begun the login process recently”. Probably you will see that when your Access Point isn’t configured yet, or has been configured incorrectly.

Second step appears when at least one device will display login page. First arrow became green and that’s confirmation of displayed login page. Second arrow tells: “No device has been redirected for authentication recently” It means you haven’t begin proceed in login pages.

The second step becomes green when you will get to page with “Connect to Internet” button. Third tells you: “No device has been authenticated recently” It means you haven’t clicked “Connect to Internet” button and haven’t received connection.

The final step is when all arrows become green. That means you’ve passed all login steps correctly and connected to Internet by using Social WiFi’s service.

If you check your Access Points section and there is status like below, it means no device has completed login process during 24 hours. We suggest to check it by logging into hotspot.

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