How to read device statistics

When you visit the dashboard, one of the first tabs includes some numbers regarding the usage of your network. There are 4 numbers there that change depending on the selected period: connections, unique connections, authentications and unique authentication.

What is a connection?

A connection is established when a device (a phone, laptop, etc.) tries to display the first splash page of the venue, usually the login page.

What is an authentication?

An authentication is achieved when a device is granted Internet access. It usually happens after the Connect to Internet button is clicked on the welcome page or after being redirected to an external website.

What does unique mean?

It’s synonymous to different. An example: when a single device connects to the network 5 times, it establishes 5 connections, but only 1 unique connection. However, when 5 devices connect to the network, they are counted as 5 connections and 5 unique connections.

In a nutshell

  • Device Connections: how many times the login process has been started.

  • Unique Device connections: how many different devices have started the login process.

  • Device Logins: how many times devices have been granted Internet access.

  • Unique Device Logins: how many different devices have been granted Internet access.

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