Pre-login Code vs Login Bypass Codes?

What is the difference between Pre-login Code and Login Bypass Codes?

In the Social WiFi dashboard you will see a tab on the left side called Login Codes. In here you can set codes for either,

  • Pre-login

  • Login Page Bypass

But what is the difference?

Pre-login Code

A Pre-login code is specifically for the Pre-login Page which can be set up by selecting Splash Pages and Prelogin Pages from the left side menu.

A Pre-login code can be used to restrict users from being able to get to the Login Page. This is used by businesses that only want their known visitors to be able to use the WiFi network and not be abused by dwellers in the local area.

Login Bypass Codes

These codes can be used to skip the Social Media or Email Address login process in its entirety. Sometimes customers may request that they are able to gain access to the internet without sharing any personal details.

Of course, it is your decision whether to allow this, but if you would like to, you just need to provide the user with the code, and they can input this on the login page.

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