Send an email after X visits

Everything is working great and your customers are returning time and time again. It’s probably a good idea to thank them and maybe reward them for their repeated visits to your premises.

An extremely popular function within Social WiFi is to automatically send an email when a user visits your venue after a pre-defined number of visits.

For hotels, this function can be great for sending an email and sharing information after X days of a stay. Because a user reconnects to Social WiFi each day, this function could trigger a specific email based on the length of time into the stay.

1) Log into your Social WiFi web Dashboard.

2) On the left side list, select Mailing and then Email automation.

3) Click the ADD AUTOMATION button on the centre of the page.

4) Choose a name for the email campaign to be sent. This won’t be seen by any users and is just a title within the dashboard to help you identify your different campaigns.

5) On the Type drop down list, select Loyalty email

6) On the Visit number selection, adjust the number to reflect the visit number that will trigger the email.

7) On the Delay selection, adjust the timing to decide when the email will be delivered in relation to their WiFi login.

Social WiFi will only count a user logging in once per day, so you can be safe in knowing that customers can’t abuse the system by logging in many times in one day.


You will now be taken to our drag-and-drop email creator.

If you pause at this stage, the default email will not be sent to clients. It would still need to be activated on the main Email automations tab before anything is sent, giving you the chance to edit and update things before any content is delivered to users.

9) You’re all done at this stage. You can now create your email content and activate the campaign. Check out our explainer articles to learn how to make great emails.

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