How to change your review score style

Hopefully you’ve already got your review request emails activated, but perhaps you’d like to change how they look. Here we will look at the difference between faces, stars and even cats.

1) Log into your Social WiFi web Dashboard.

2) On the left side list, select Review system and then Request email.

In this example, we have stars as the format. But you do have the option of a range of emoji’s.

3) Click on the element on the editor where the stars are located. This will update the right side panel with a new option, Rating widget type.

4) From the drop down options, choose an option that you’d like to check. The page editor will instantly update with the choice of widget style.

5) When you are happy with your selection, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Success! Your review request emails will now be sent with the new style.

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