Create a linked button in the email editor

When it comes to emails, clickable buttons are essentially links with additional styling. This short guide should help you to create an email with a CTA (call to action) button.

From available widgets in the email editor, select Link and drop it into the template.

Align it

Click on the frame where the widget was dropped and select an alignment of your choice.

Select the link and choose where should it redirect the users to in the first field. Look for the Href field on the top right of the window.

Change the text

Double-click on the text area and write your call to action.

Change the background colour

Select the colour you’d like to use. You can also paste it in HEX, RGB or RGBA format using the settings on the side of the window.

Modify the size

Add your some padding and border radius (border radius makes the border more round). This is again done on the right side of the window.

It’s a good idea to have left padding the same as right and top the same as bottom. It ensures the button is symmetrical.

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