TripAdvisor Review Express

What is TripAdvisor Review Express?

TripAdvisor Review Express is an integration that allows you to ask your users to leave a review on TripAdvisor. The request will not be sent from neither Social WiFi email domain, nor your configured SMTP server – TripAdvisor will be sending the email directly. There are a few of pros and cons of this solution.

All of your users that leave their email addresses will be asked for a review after 3 – 5 days of their stay. What is more, TripAdvisor will be sending reminders to the users if they do not leave a review.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the request will be sent to the users regardless of their level of satisfaction. As the emails are sent directly from TripAdvisor, the entire customisation is on the side of the TripAdvisor client panel.

How to start using TripAdvisor Review Express?

To start using this solution, it’s enough to paste in a link to your TripAdvisor profile in the Integrations section of the Social WiFi panel. Once it’s there, it should be confirmed by TripAdvisor in 1-2 business days. Afterwards, you’re going to need to confirm it in the TripAdvisor client panel here.

How to configure TripAdvisor Review Express?

For this part, we believe that TripAdvisor will be the best source of information.

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