Ruckus Unleashed

This article describes the configuration of Ruckus Unleashed. Please see our other guides for Virtual SmartZone and ZoneDirector.

Accessing the device’s administration panel

Log in to your Access Point by opening your web browser and typing in its IP address. By default:

This guide has been tested and proven to work on Ruckus AP R310 and the System Version.

Device configuration

Admin & Services section → Services → AAA Servers

Press “Create New” in the “Authentication Servers” tab and add two new servers:


Press OK.


Press OK.

Hotspot Configuration: Admin & Services section → Services → Hotspot Services

Press “Create New” and configure as such:

  • General Tab

  • Authentication Tab

  • Walled Garden Tab (press “Create New” and input the entries below one by one):


Press OK.


Click on the WiFi Networks section and press “Create”.

Configure with the following settings:

Grace Period

Grace Period defines the time after which the WiFi guest has to log in again after disconnecting from WiFi. By default this option is unchecked so the guest would need to log in again each time he or she disconnects from the WiFi.

To change the Grace Period go to: Admin & Services -> Services -> Hotspot Services -> Edit

Here, check the Grace Period box and set up the time for whatever you'd like it to be. We recommend 3 days (4320 minutes).

Adding the AP to Social WiFi Panel

In order to add a device to Social WiFi platform:

  • Access your account in the Social WiFi Panel.

  • Choose the correct venue to which you would like to add the device.

  • In the “Access Points” tab, press “Add” (upper right corner), paste the MAC address of your Access Point (adding a name is optional) and click “Create”.

You have completed the configuration and you can test the setup by logging into the network through the Access Point.

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