White label configuration guide

Resellers that purchase the white label option will need to implement some DNS CNAME updates on their systems in order to correctly communicate with Social WiFi.

Resellers should accurately make the following updates to their DNS entries.

For the purpose of clarity, yourdomain.com should be updated to the domain of the Resellers business.

DNS Entries

Add CNAME records for subdomains, directing to *.socialwifi.com

  • panel.yourdomain.com → panel.socialwifi.com

  • accounts.yourdomain.com → accounts.socialwifi.com

  • login.yourdomain.com → login.socialwifi.com

  • user.yourdomain.com → user.socialwifi.com

  • r.yourdomain.com → r.socialwifi.com

  • mailer.yourdomain.com → mailer.socialwifi.com

  • media.yourdomain.com → media.socialwifi.com

  • remarketing.yourdomain.com → remarketing.socialwifi.com

Zone file example (e.g. for Amazon AWS Route53)

$TTL 300
panel CNAME panel.socialwifi.com.
accounts CNAME accounts.socialwifi.com.
login CNAME login.socialwifi.com.
user CNAME user.socialwifi.com.
r CNAME r.socialwifi.com.
mailer CNAME mailer.socialwifi.com.
media CNAME media.socialwifi.com.
remarketing CNAME remarketing.socialwifi.com.

The Social WiFi team will implement a number of changes on their systems too and keep you informed of the status and let you know when the white label dashboard is ready to be shared with your clients.

If any of the above sub-domains are not available on your existing domain then a new top level domain will be required.

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