What is the difference between a Project and a Venue?

Firstly, let's take a look at what you will see if you have multiple Projects and Venues, which will help you understand the purpose in more depth.

Here you can see that we have 2 projects,

  • Great Coffee Chain

  • Luxury Hotel Group

Each of these projects have 3 venues in them.

A Project is intended to be a group of venues that share the same branding or ownership structure. You will be able to share many things between the venues within a project such as branding, access permissions and email campaigns.

By setting up your Venues that share characteristics within a single Project you will make managing and setting up these Venues very quick and easy.

You may have multiple Projects if you are a Reseller or Partner of Social WiFi. Or perhaps you are a manager at a business that owns and operates a number of different brands within the portfolio.

If, however, you are a single business owner, with just one premise, you will need a single Project with a single Venue assigned to it.

It is not possible to move Venue from one Project to another. It is also not possible to delete a Project once a venue has been created within it, though our support team can hide them for you.

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