Why are activation emails mandatory?

What are activation emails?

They are emails being sent to verify if an email put in by a WiFi is in fact valid. By clicking a button within the email, users validate that their addresses are working and used by them.

When are activation emails sent?

They are sent only to people using the email login widget and only if they haven’t activated their email address already.

In general, all email gathered through Social WiFi have to be validated. However, social media platforms verify email addresses during their registration process – to use a Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account, there has to be a working email address connected. Thanks to that, Social WiFi doesn’t require any additional verification when a user logs in with these platforms.

Why are activation emails sent?

When a user decides to log in to Social WiFi with the email login widget, there is a simple input field to be filled. Now, even if every user is sincere and decides to put in a real address, there’s always room for misspellings. What is more common however, is users trying to cheat the system by inputting something random or the email address of another person.

Imagine if somebody puts in potus@whitehouse.gov. Thankfully, the email address has to be verified from the inbox by clicking the link that Social WiFi sends to said mailbox. If that was not the case, the President of the US would be receiving newsletters and offers from wherever the prankster decided to log in. Not the best situation and you may have some angry feedback coming your way. To avoid such a drama, the emails that have remained unverified will not be visible in the data export, nor will they be usable by any of the communications tools within the Social WiFi system.

There’s a couple of ways of increasing your percentage of validated emails, other than dropping the email login entirely – you can read about them here.

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