Add a password unlock button on the Pre Login Page

On the Pre Login Page, you can set a password that people must submit in order to get access to the WiFi login page. This is good if you wish to limit WiFi access to only those that are customers or guests.

In the Social WiFi dashboard, navigate to the Venue which you would like to update and navigate to Splash Pages > Prelogin Pages on the left option list.

Choose the page that you wish to change and click Edit Page.

From the right side option panel, drag a Table Row and Login code form to the desired position.

When in position, you can click on the padlock icon to see additional styling options on the right side option panel. Use these tools to adit the colours and roundness of the button.

Use the Toggle codes form/button box to change the view from the padlock to the submission form.

Clicking on the Submission button gives you the same styling options and the ability to adjust the text in the button.

When you are happy with all your changes, click SAVE.

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