How to ask for more information on email login

The purpose behind getting users to sign in with their Social Media account is partly to make it easy for them, but also for us to capture verified personal information, such as their name. When users log in through the Email process, there is no such mechanism to automatically gather additional information.

Social WiFi allows you to add fields for first name, surname, date of birth, gender and phone number as part of the Email login form.

1) Go to the Login Page editor by entering the dashboard on a Venue basis and selecting Splash Pages and Login Pages from the left side menu. Create a new page or select the page that you wish to edit.

2) Use the page editor to add your Email login option (see our other guides if you need to know how to add login buttons). Click on the Email login button. You will see a set of options appear on the right side of the editor.

3) You can click Toggle email form/button to preview what the user will see what clicking the email login option.

4) By clicking and turning on the relevant options**,** you can see in the main editor body how the login screen will look.

5) Choose the setup that you wish and click SAVE.

Be aware that none of the data entered by users in the name fields is verified and there is the possibility that you will get a lot of false data.

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