Aruba Instant On

Creating a new network

To create a new network please go to the "Network" panel.

If it's your first time configuring the Aruba InstantON device, you should only see the "Default" network.

Press "+ Add" to add another network.

Configure the network

You should see this window pop up. Configure it as follows:



Network name

Here you choose your network SSID



Wi-Fi Enhanced Open


Guest Portal


Click "Save".

After you've saved the network, please go to the "Customize guest portal" section.

In the left upper corner, click on the dropdown menu and choose "External". Then, configure as follows:

Server URL

Redirect URL

Leave empty

Send RADIUS Accounting


Server IP address or domain name

Shared secret

Radius Secret available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel

Click on "More RADIUS parameters" and configure as follows:

Server timeout5

Retry count


Authentication port


Accounting port


Add the Walled garden domains

Complete the walled garden list leaving the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn toggles unchecked.


Facebook remarketing pixel

Google remarketing tag

YouTube widget on login pages

Google login – example regional domain*
* You must also add your regional domain for “”, for example “” if you are in the UK

Facebook login

Twitter login

LinkedIn login

Adding AP into Social WiFi Panel

To add your Access Point to Panel, log in to your account, go to Access Points tab and click “Add new”

Your device’s MAC address can be found in Inventory -> Identification.

Test the solution

Connect with the WiFi network. You should see a login page. Go through the login process and, once finished, you should have internet access. You should see first connections and authorisations in the Social WiFi Panel’s statistics section.

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