Pixels & Cookies Purpose

Social WiFi can embed the remarketing pixels and cookies on the login process and pages that we display. We’re able to embed such cookies and pixels from:

  • Facebook (also benefiting Instagram)

  • 𝕏

  • TikTok

  • Google

  • Snapchat

This enables clients that are running paid ad campaigns online through these systems to target known customers with specific ads. Also, most ad engines will allow you to exclude known customers from ad campaigns too. And in some cases, like Facebook Ad Platform, you can generate lookalike audiences to target people with similar demographics and interests to your existing customers.

Social WiFi are just embedding the pixels. As a client, you still need to go to the relevant ad engine and create and pay for the ads. But it’s a neat way to get smarter with your targeting and in the case of Facebook and Instagram, target good lookalike audiences.

YouTube is a good resource to learn more on each of these ad platforms with many creators publishing up to date how-to videos for beginners and more advanced users.

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