How to turn off Access Point Warning email notifications

Social WiFi will send you an email notifying you when an access point in your venue has not authorised a user in more than 72 hours. This is so that you can check on any potential problems that you might be having with your network.

It does not always mean that there is a problem, however. Some access points may be used more than others and do not have as much usage. If your venue has only one access point though, you should investigate further if you receive this email.

If however, you wish to disable these notifications, this is how you do it.

  1. When logged into the Social WiFi dashboard, from any page, click on your name in the top right of the page and select EDIT ACCOUNT.

  2. A new tab will open with your Profile details. Scroll to the Optional System Emails section and select the ‘Don’t Send’ option.

  3. Click UPDATE.

  4. You can now close the tab and return to the dashboard to continue with your other tasks.

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