Can I move the "Connect to Internet" button?

Short Answer: No

On the Welcome Page you will see a button that users often need to click to commence their internet session. Such a button is required on captive portal systems to authorise a device onto a network, as many devices require such a click.

While we allow you to style the button and edit the text, we do not allow you to move it.

In the past, we did allow clients to move this down the page, but we experienced clients moving it far down the page, below the fold in order to hide it. The consequence of this was WiFi users struggling to connect to the internet and complaints.

As a result, we took the decision to fix this to the top of the Welcome Page, ensuring it can never get lost to the user.

When the Connect to Internet button is pressed, different devices will act different. For example, iPhone users will have the page refresh with the button removed. Android users mostly have the captive portal pop up closed on clicking. In all cases, open internet access is granted.

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