Redirect to a webpage after login

Sometimes, redirecting your customers and guests to a specific landing page that you have created is a great idea to share more content and information.

There are certain devices and operating systems that may struggle with this process and those users will not be able to browse the landing page in their usual browser. Instead they will be held in the captive portal pop up on their device.

1) Log into your Social WiFi web Dashboard.

2) On the left side list, select Splash Pages and then Welcome Pages.

3) Select the Welcome Page that you wish to edit and click Edit Page to go into the editor.

4) Within the page editor, you need to choose the from the right side element picker, the category on the right with the settings cog icon.

5) Tick the box next to ‘Redirect to URL’ and enter the webpage URL that you wish users to be redirected to.

6) Click Save to complete the process. The page will reload with the new saved settings.

Your customers and guests will now be redirected to the selected link at the conclusion of a successful login process.

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