New interface version

Make sure that you've read the installation overview first!

In Network Application versions 7.4 and higher, the Guest Portal tab has been removed from the legacy interface, which also makes installing Social WiFi impossible. Do not upgrade your controller to version 7.4 or higher. If you did upgrade, please downgrade to version 7.3 first.

Configuring Wireless Network

Log in to your UniFi controller and click the Settings icon (gear icon on the bottom left side).

On the menu on the left, go to WiFi and create a new wireless network. You can either do that or edit your currently existing network.

Set "Advanced" to Manual and "WiFi Type" to Guest Hotspot.

Scroll down to "Security" page and set "Security Protocol" as Open.

Scroll down and click on Apply Changes or Add WiFi Network, depending if you're changing your current SSID or adding a new one.

Configuring Guest Control

Next, go to "Profiles" section and Create New RADIUS Profile.

Configure as follows:



Wired Networks

Leave unchecked

Wireless Networks

Leave unchecked

IP Address



Password/Shared Secret

Radius Secret available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel


Leave unchecked

Make sure to press "+ Add", otherwise the changes won't be saved. Press Apply Changes on the bottom right.

Next, go to the "Profiles" section and click on Default under the "Guest Hotspot" menu.

In the "Authentication Type" section, press Select an option. From the drop-down menu pick RADIUS.

Now, you should see the RADIUS section appear below. Configure as follows:

RADIUS Profile


RADIUS Authentication Type


Disconnect Requests

Leave unchecked

Scroll down to "Advanced" section and set it to Manual. Configure as follows:

Landing Page

Redirect to the original URL (should be default)

HTTPS Redirection

Leave unchecked

Redirect Using Hostname

Leave unchecked

Encrypted redirect URL

Leave unchecked

Secure Portal

Leave unchecked

Proceed to adding the "Allowed Authorization Access" domains:


Facebook login:

Facebook remarketing pixel:

Google login: - example regional domain

Please remember to add your regional domain (for example: Japan - manually.

Google remarketing tag:

Youtube widget on login pages:

Twitter login:

LinkedIn login:

Sadly, UniFi removed the "Override templates with custom changes" checkbox from the new interface. This option is necessary for the service to work. Although it's been removed - it is still available in the "Legacy Interface".

The following steps will show how to switch to the Legacy interface, enable the option and switch back to the new interface.

Go to "System" panel and switch to Legacy Interface.

Press "Deactivate" on the pop up window to enable the Legacy Interface. Now, go to "Settings" -> Guest Control and enable the checkbox "Override Default Templates".

Now go to User Interface and scroll down to press Apply Changes box to switch back to the New Interface.

Adding the APs to Social WiFi Panel

You need to find the MAC Address of all your Access Points and add them to the Social WiFi client panel. Most of the time they're hidden, so you have to turn displaying it on. To do so, go to: Devices->Display Options->Columns and check the "Mac Address box".

As you can see the the Mac Address is now shown. If you have more than one Access Point - the other addresses will be visible too.

In order to add a device to Social WiFi platform:

  • Access your account in the Social WiFi Panel.

  • Choose the correct venue to which you would like to add the device.

  • In the “Access Points” tab, press “Add” (upper right corner), paste the MAC address you copied into the form (adding a name is optional) and click “Create”.

Upload hotspot files to the controller

The last part is uploading hotspot files to your controller. To do so, click the controller type below and follow the instructions.

Uploading the files is a mandatory step.

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