Social WiFi has been tested and is proven to work on the following configurations:

Access point firmware

  • 3.11.3-r7 and newer (tested up to

Configure WLAN

Go to Monitor and Manage -> Wi-Fi AP Groups -> Default Enterprise -> Configuration -> Basic and click on Create WLAN after scrolling down. If you have a WLAN network already created, you can edit the existing one.

Now, you should see the dashboard where you can edit the SSID. Make sure that the "Enabled" box is checked and change the SSID name. Leave the rest as default.

Configure RADIUS

Now, go to the "AAA Servers" tab on the left and configure as follows.

Authentication Server 1





RADIUS Secret is available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel


Leave empty

Accounting Server 1





RADIUS Secret is available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel


Leave empty

Accounting Mode


Interim Update Interval


Leave the rest as default.

Now, go to the "Guest Access" tab on the left and configure as follows.



Portal Mode

External Hotspot

Access Policy


AP Server Protocol


Redirect Hostname

Leave empty

WISPr Clients External Server Login

Leave unchecked

External Page URL

External Portal Post Through cnMaestro

Leave unchecked

External Portal Type


Success Action

Redirect user to Original URL

Prefux Query Strings in Redirect URL


Walled Garden

Now, scroll down in the Guest Access tab, click on + Whitelist and copy and paste each Walled Garden entry. Make sure to press Save after each entry.


Facebook remarketing pixel

Google remarketing tag

Google login – example regional domain*
* You must also add your regional domain for “”, for example “” if you are in the UK

Facebook login

Twitter login

LinkedIn login

Click Save in the bottom left.

Select your WLAN network

Now, go to the first page, scroll down and click on Add WLAN.

Select the recently created WLAN and click Add.

Now, the Access Point will broadcast both networks. For Social WiFi we recommend deleting the default WLAN. Follow the image below.

Press Save.

Add the access points to Social WiFi panel

The setup of the controller is now finished. The last step is to add all access points to the Social WiFi platform.

Go to Inventory -> Wi-Fi AP Groups -> Default Enterprise. Copy the MAC Address from the "MAC Address' column.

Now, switch to Social WiFi Panel, go to Access Points tab, click the Add button and paste the MAC address. Click Create.

Test the solution

Connect with the WiFi network. You should see a login page. Go through the login process and, once finished, you should have internet access. You should see first connections and authorizations in the Social WiFi Panel’s statistics section.

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