Integrate with Freshmail

To integrate with Freshmail, you’re going to need a Freshmail account with API access.


Social WiFi’s integration with Freshmail makes the exporting of your gathered data instant and automated.

Every time a user logs in to your WiFi network, the data will be sent to Freshmail. Whenever you remove a Social WiFi in the User Data tab, the user will also be deleted from Freshmail.

Adding the integration in Social WiFi dashboard

1) Visit Social WiFi dashboard and go to the venue you’d like to integrate.

2) Go to the Integrations tab and select Freshmail.

3) Click the Add button in the top left corner.

Filling in the data

Integration name: Call your integration however you like. It might be a good idea to mention the specific list that the contacts will be going to.

API token: You need to generate w new token for Social WiFi in your Freshmail dashboard. Log in to Freshmail and go to "Settings" → "API & SMTP, Plugins" → "API & SMTP" → "Access token for API V2/V3 & SMTP" -> "Generate a new token for API V2/V3 & SMTP". Set name to e.g. "Social WiFi" and leave "Set token expiry date" as OFF. Copy the generated token and paste it into the form field in Social WiFi panel.

Recipients list hash: Log in to Freshmail, go to "Subscribers" and click the list that you want to export your Social WiFi contacts to. Go to "Parameters" in the menu on the left, copy the value of "List's API key" and paste it into the form field in Social WiFi panel.

Active: Please make sure this field is checked for the integration to work.

Click Create – your new users should now be sent to your Freshmail list automatically.

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