Project and venue permissions

Within Social WiFi dashboard, there are two levels of permissions that you can attribute to your venue’s managers: venue-level and project-level ones.

What are Venues and Projects?

Let’s quickly mention what both things are.

The first thing you will be asked to create after activating your account with Social WiFi will be your first Project. This is a “group” to which you will be able to add multiple Venues. Generally speaking, a Project is created for a specific organization, while each venue should reflect a physical location within that organization where your Access Points are located.

Project permissions

Project permissions can be accessed by clicking on your Project’s name within your Dashboard, then going to the “Permissions” tab on the left side.

Project permissions are applied to all venues under that specific Project.

For example, if you make someone a manager of a Project called “My Pizzeria”, the person will automatically receive manager permissions for all Venues located under “My Pizzeria”. If you create a completely new Venue under that Project after adding them as Project-level manager, they will automatically gain the same permissions for it.

Venue permissions

If you want to give someone access to individual Venues within a Project, or give someone different roles for several venues, you can do that as well. First, click on your Venue’s name, then go to the “Permissions” tab, same as above.

What do specific roles do?

  • Reader allows you to freely browse the Panel – however, you are unable to make any sort of changes to it.

  • Customer Service will let you respond to feedback messages left by your guests in addition to Reader’s permissions.

  • Manager role can freely use all features, but is unable to change permissions on its own.

  • Admin role can do anything above roles can, including modifying permissions for all people allowed to access the panel.

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