Sending surveys via WiFi with Google Forms

Sending out post-visit questionnaires to the customers has always been one of the most requested features for us. Although our main focus is to boost online review scores for our customers and gather feedback on what can be improved about their business, we are often asked to build additional questions into our review system.

To accommodate these requests, we’re not only working on integrations with third-party providers, but also encourage using free solutions and connect them to Social WiFi – in this article, we’re going to discuss the case of Google Forms, one of the most popular survey providers out there (it’s a Google product, after all).

Build your survey with Google Forms

Log in with your Google account

You can register one here or just use the account you have for Gmail.

Visit Google Forms

After logging into your account, you’ll have access to the service under this link.

Create a Google Form

Click the “+” icon on the top bar or use one of the proposed templates. There’s a lot of helpful materials in the official Google documentation.

Send your survey with Social WiFi

Generate a link

Once you’re happy with your Google Form, you can hit “SEND” and select the second option – link. Highlight the link and copy it to your clipboard.

Link to your Google Form in the Social WiFi email editor

Depending on your needs, create either a Mass mailing or a new Email automation. In the template editor, you can put in a link either as a separate widget and style it as button, or highlight a part of a text widget and select to link it. Paste the link generated in the previous step and voilà – your survey email is ready; just remember to activate it after saving.

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