If you don't get redirected to the page, please complete the following steps.

First step

Connect to the Wireless Network with Social WiFi configured, even if it shows you that you have no internet connection. On your PC/Laptop please go to the website (the "http://" part at the beginning is important, don't skip it) and take a screenshot of what appears on the site. It can be anything, a website similar to the one shown below or an error. You might also see a blank loading page, in which case please wait 1-2 mins for an error to appear.

While making the screenshot, please make sure that the whole browser window is visible, including the address bar.

Second step

While being connected to the same network, go to the site and take the same screenshot as described above.

Third step

After gathering all the screenshots, send them to the mail. If you've already contacted us, please make sure that you reply to the existing email thread instead of sending a new email.

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