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Configure devices to make YouTube widget work

After including those addresses in Walled Garden configuration, YouTube videos will be completely unlocked, even without clicking Connect to the Internet button.
This example uses a MikroTik router. On other devices the walled garden configuration process may vary.
New Terminal → paste the below commands into the terminal (all commands can be copied and pasted at once)
Pasting will not work with CTRL+V; right click and select Paste instead.
/ip hotspot walled-garden add action=allow dst-host=.googlevideo.com
add action=allow dst-host=.youtube.com
add action=allow dst-host=googleads.g.doubleclick.net
add action=allow dst-host=i.ytimg.com
add action=allow dst-host=img.youtube.com
add action=allow dst-host=youtube-ui.l.google.com
add action=allow dst-host=youtube.com
add action=allow dst-host=yt3.ggpht.com
add action=allow dst-host=static.doubleclick.net
add action=allow dst-host=static.xx.fbcdn.net
Press Enter to execute the last line of code