Ruckus Virtual SmartZone

This article describes the configuration of Ruckus Virtual SmartZone. Please see our other guides for Unleashed and ZoneDirector.


Social WiFi has been tested and is proven to work on the following configurations:

Controller versions:

  • 5.x

  • 6.x

Accessing the device’s administration panel

Configuration through GUI: open any web browser and type the controller’s IP address in the address bar.

  • login: login to the account with root permissions

  • password: the password to the above account

Device configuration

Configuring Wireless LANs Group:

In the panel go to the following directory: Network->Wireless LANs->Create

In the pop-up window enter the following:

Now, in the "Hotspot (WISPr) Portal" field create a new profile by clicking "+"

The, scroll down and add Walled Garden/Traffic Class Profile configuration:

You can either add the domains manually or import the CSV file which is linked below:

Note: A regional Google domain according to your geographic location has to be added to make Google login work. E.g. if you’re based in UK, add "".


After setting up "socialwifi" hotspot, please click "+" and add Authentication Server profile: ``

In the pop-up window enter the following:

When finished, press OK.

Then, add an "Accounting Server" by clicking "+"

In the pop-up window enter the following:

When finished, press OK.

After completing the configuration, your "Hotspot Portal" should look like this:

Now, save the changes and go to: Network->Access Points

Enter the Access Point configuration panel following the marks. Set up your AP Name and go to the: Band/Spectrum Configuration. Then turn the "WLAN Group" on and choose the "default" profile.

Disabling MAC address encryption

By default, MAC address encryption is enabled on Ruckus SZ devices and will cause Social WiFi to malfunction. In order to disable it, you will need to access your controller CLI via SSH, enable privileged commands, enter config mode, then execute the command “no encrypt-mac-ip”:\


ruckus> enable
ruckus# config
ruckus(config)# no encrypt-mac-ip

Adding the device to Social WiFi platform

In order to add the device to Social WiFi platform:

  • In the Network → Access Points menu, click the AP that you want to add to Social WiFi platform, copy their MAC addresses from AP MAC address field and BSSID column.

  • Choose the place to which you would like to add the device.

  • In the “Access Points” tab, press “Add” (upper right corner), paste the MAC address you copied into the form (adding a name is optional) and click “Create”.

You are now ready to test your new network by connecting to it through the configured Access Point.


Symptom: after connecting to the WiFi network, there's no popup with the login page and internet does not work.

Solution: it might be the case that you have a firewall that blocks traffic between the WiFi device and the controller. You might either have explicit blocking rules on the firewall, or simply have separate VLANs for the guests and the controller and the traffic between them might be blocked as well. In this case you have to unlock specific ports. For example:

  • 8090 TCP

  • 8099 TCP

  • 9997 TCP

  • 9998 TCP

More details on firewall configuration are available under this link:

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