Alcatel-Lucent Express

Accessing the device’s administration panel

Log in to your Access Point by opening your web browser and typing in its IP address.

Device configuration

After you login to the Dashboard, on the left upper corner you should see the "WLAN" tab. Press New to create new wireless network as follows:


Your chosen network name

Security Level


Captive Portal


Now, scroll down to the "Access" section and expand. Press on the Authentication on the left lower corner.

You should see the pop up window, configure as follows:



Dummy IP

Leave default (

External Captive Portal



Redirect URL


Redirect URL param


Server IP/Hostname

Authentication Server Port



Radius Secret available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel


Radius Secret available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel

Radius Accounting


Accounting Server Port


Accounting Interval


Press Save.

Walled Garden

Now, in the middle of the "Access" tab, there's a Black List & White list section. Press on the Walled Garden tab and select the "Domain" checkbox.

Now, add all the domains:


Facebook remarketing pixel

Google remarketing tag

Google login - example regional domain

You must also add your regional domain for "", for example "" if you are in the UK

Facebook login

If you added already in the "Facebook remarketing pixel" section, you don't have to add the same domain twice.

Twitter login

LinkedIn login

Now, scroll to the top of the page and press on the "AP" bar:

Copy te MAC address of the device.

Now, switch to Social WiFi Panel, go to Access Points tab, click the Add button and paste the MAC addresses of your access point. Click Create.

Test the solution

Connect with the WiFi network. You should see a login page. Go through the login process and, once finished, you should have internet access. You should see first connections and authorizations in the Social WiFi Panel’s statistics section.

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