It’s not so simple to select the exact same position on the color picker for all elements – after all, there are over 16 million colors on the RGB spectrum. How to make the process nice and quick?

Picking your color

There are many ways you can grab the exact colors of your brand. One our favourites is using a free Chrome / Firefox plugin called ColorZilla. After installing it, your top bar of the browser will display a color picker icon. Clicking it allows you to pick a specific color from the website you’re currently on by simply clicking on an element. The exact HEX code of the color will be copied to your clipboard.

Using the color in the editor

To use the exact color you’ve picked, it’s enough to click on an element, select the color field, paste the value from your clipboard into the field and press enter.

Color names are also supported by the editor – “black”, “white”, “red” and over a hundred more. You can read more about the colors here.


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