1. Accessing to device’s administration panel.

The new version of Aruba’s User Interface uses new default login credentials. To log in first time, your credentials will be:

  • Login: admin
  • Password: Your device's Serial Number (SN) which can be found on the back of your Aruba IAP

After first login the system will ask you to set your own password.

2. Configuring Hotspot

Once you see the Dashboard go to Configuration -> Networks and click the blue “+” sign to add a new wireless network.

3. Creating Wireless Network

  • Name: Guest WiFi (this is your WiFi’s name. You can name it as you wish)
  • Type: Wireless
  • Primary usage: Guest

Click Next on the bottom of the screen.

Client IP & VLAN Assignment

  • Client IP assignment: Network assigned
  • Client VLAN assignment: Default

Click Next

4. Hotspot’s Security Level

  • Splash page type: External
  • Captive portal proxy server:
  • Captive portal profile: Click the blue “+” sign to add a new profile

  • Name: SocialWiFi
  • Type: RADIUS Authentication
  • IP or hostname: login.socialwifi.com
  • URL: /
  • Port: 443
  • Use HTTPS: Enabled
  • Captive portal failure: Deny Internet
  • Automatic URL Whitelisting: Disabled
  • Server offload: Disabled
  • Prevent frame overlay: Disabled
  • Use VC IP in Redirect URL: Disabled
  • Redirect URL: Here you can paste your site address where you want to be sent after logging into hotspot. By default it’s empty.

Click OK

5. Adding RADIUS Server

Authentication server 1: Click the blue “+” sign to add a new server

  • Type: RADIUS
  • Name: guestwifi
  • RadSec: Disabled
  • IP Address:
  • Auth port: 31812
  • Accounting port: 31813
  • Shared Key: Radius Secret available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel
  • Retype key: Radius Secret available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel
  • Timeout: 5 sec
  • Retry count: 3
  • Dynamin Authorization: Disabled

Click OK

  • Reauth interval: 24 hrs
  • Accounting: Use authentication servers
  • Accounting mode: Authentication
  • Accounting interval: 3 min
  • Blacklisting: Disabled
  • Enforce DHCP: Disabled
  • Disable if uplink type is: 3G/4G – Disabled, Wifi – Disabled, Ethernet – Disabled
  • Encryption: Disabled
  • Enhanced Open: Enabled

Click Next

6. Hotspot Access Rules

  • Access Rules: Role-based
  • Download roles: Disabled

To add a new role, choose your WiFi name and on the right side of the screen click the blue “+” sign.

    • Rule type: Access control
    • Service: Network, any
    • Action: Allow
  • Destination: to domain name
  • Domain name: sw-login.com

Click OK

  • Add all following addresses in the same way as you just added sw-login.com:
  • Assign pre-authentication role: Enabled, Guest WiFi

7. Adding device into Social WiFi Panel.

To add your Access Point to Panel, log in to your account, go to Access Points tab and click “Add new”
Your device’s MAC address can be found in Dashboard -> Network on the bottom of screen.


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