You will need

  • Mailchimp Account, you can register here if don’t have one already
  • Integromat Account, you can create one right there

1. Creating a new scenario

1.1 When logged in on your Integromat dashboard click on the Create a new scenario button on the main page.

1.2 On a “What services do you want to integrate?” section search an check for Webhooks and Mailchimp, then click Continue.

2. Creating a webhook connection

2.1 Creating a webhook in Integromat

2.1.1 Click on the question mark in the middle of the screen, then select Webhooks.

2.1.2 Select Custom Webhook

2.1.3 Click Add to create a new Webhook

2.1.4 Put a Social WiFi in a Webhook name field, leave the IP restrictions empty and click Save

2.1.5 Copy the the URL under your webhook name and the go to the Social WiFi Dashboard

2.2 Connecting your webhook with Social WiFi

2.2.1 On a Venue Details page make sure that Data Push is active in the Features box, if not then you’ll need to click on Edit button, activate it and save the settings

2.2.2 From the menu on left side of the Page select Integrations, and then Webhooks

2.2.3 Click the Add button on the right side of the page to add a new webhook

2.2.4 Give a webhook a name describing what it does, then paste link from your clipboard in the URL field. Authorization header could be whatever you want, it won’t affect any part of the process. Make sure that you will also check the Active checkbox and then click the Create button

2.3 Sending a sample data to your webhook

2.3.1 Come back to the bar when you have your Integromat opened, then click once again on a webhook you’ve  added before and select Re-Determine data structure

2.3.2 Now you will need to send a sample data to your webhook, you can do that by going through a Social WiFi login process in your venue, just connect to the internet using any login method with a new device. If you will see the communicate below the sample data was sent successfully

3. Adding a router to your scenario

3.1 After that click Flow Control  (green  icon) on the tools section of the integromat screen, then add a new Router

3.2 Click on the green circle that show up on the screen to create two separate paths

4. Adding a new subscriber

4.1 Mailchimp connection

4.1.1 Click one of the question marks that showed up on the screen, and then select Mailchimp > Add/Update a subcriber

4.1.2 Click the Add button to create a connection with your Mailchimp profile. Give it a name and then click continue. On the new window that will open up put your Mailchimp Username and Password and push Log In

4.2 Add a new subscriber module

Now you need to choose the list on which you gather are emails from Social WiFi service, we recommend adding a new one just for them and name it after our service.
You will need to complete at least 3 fields as on the screen below

  • First name: Data > User > First Name
  • Last Name: Data > User > Last Name
  • Email Adress: Data > User > Email

Then press OK

Now all your guests who have passed the login process successfully and accept the agreement will be automatically add as a new subribers on your mailchimp account!

5. Add a Delete a subscriber module

But what if someone would like to unsubscribed? That’s why we created two paths in the process before.

5.1 Creating a Delete a subcriber module

5.1.1 Click on the last question mark left on the screen, once again chooce a Mailchimp and then Delete a Subscriber

5.1.2 Complete the fields as below

  • Connection: The same as before, but these time just choose it from the list
  • List: The same as before
  • Email Address: Data > User > Email

5.2 Setting up a filter

5.2.1 But how do we know if someone decide to unsubscribe? Click on the wrench icon on the path that lead to Delete Subscriber Module, and then Set Up The Filter

5.2.2 Complete the fields

  • Label: Unsubscribe
  • Conditon: Data > User > is-subscribed
  • Equal to: false

Press OK

You can name the other connection Subcsribe if you want to make more clear, but it’s not nessesery.

6. Saving and turning on your scenario

Now remember to save your scenario by clicking the disc icon and activate your scenario.

Congratulations! You succesfully integrated your Social Wifi with with Mailchimp.


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