You will require Omada Controller v3.1.13-v.3.2.10 to continue.

[Version 4.1.5 is currently not supported.]

1. Accessing the administration panel

Log in to your Omada Controller account.

2. Device configuration

2.1 Wireless Settings → Add

Basic Info

  • SSID Name: Your network name
  • Band: 2.4GHz and 5GHz checked
  • Guest Network: Enabled
  • Security Mode: None (or your preferred security choice)
  • Apply

2.2 Wireless Control → Portal → Add a New Portal

  • Portal Name: Social WiFi
  • SSID: choose your SSID
  • Authentication Type: External RADIUS Server
  • Authentication Timeout: 8 Hours
  • RADIUS Server IP:
  • RADIUS Port: 31812
  • RADIUS Secret: Radius Secret available in Access Points tab of the Social WiFi Panel
  • Authentication Mode: PAP
  • NAS ID: TP-Link
  • RADIUS Accounting: Disabled (unchecked)
  • Portal Customization: External Web Portal
  • External Web Portal URL:
  • HTTPS Redirect: Disabled (unchecked)
  • Redirect: Disabled (unchecked)
  • Apply

2.3 Wireless Control → Free Authentiaction Policy → Add


Please add all mandatory policies before proceeding further.

  • Policy Name: Social WiFi RADIUS
  • Match Mode: IP-Mac based
  • Destination IP Range: / 32
  • Destination Port: 31812
  • Status: Enable (checked)
  • Apply


  • Policy name:
  • Match Mode: URL
  • URL:
  • Status: Enable
  • Apply


  • Policy name:
  • Match Mode: URL
  • URL:
  • Status: Enable
  • Apply


  • Policy name:
  • Match Mode: URL
  • URL:
  • Status: Enable
  • Apply

Social Media

Please add the URLs for social media options you would like to use. You should proceed same way as with mandatory URL addresses.





  • You must also add your regional domain for, for example if you are in the UK.

3. Adding the device to Social WiFi Panel

In order to add a device to Social WiFi platform:

  • Go to the Access Points tab at the top of your Omada Controller dashboard
  • Copy your Access Points’ MAC addresses

  • Access your account in the Social WiFi Panel
  • Choose the correct venue to which you would like to add the device
  • In the “Access Points” tab, press “Add” (upper right corner), paste the MAC address you copied into the form (adding a name is optional) and click “Create”

4. Test the solution


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