Aerohive AP configuration instructions (applies to HiveManager NG 6.4r1 and newer versions)

Hive Manager Connect version is not supported.

1. Log in to the HiveManager NG interface

2. Go to Configure → Network Policies → Add Network Policy

2.1 Configure New Policy:

  • Wireless – checked
  • Switches – unchecked
  • Routing – unchecked
  • Policy name: type in your chosen name, for example “SocialWiFi Guest” (users will not see this name)
  • Press SAVE

3. In the Wireless Networks tab → Add → All other Networks (standard)

  • Name (SSID): your network name
  • Broadcast Name: this is the network name that the users will see
  • In the SSID Authentication tab choose “Open (unsecured)”
  • Enable Captive Web Portal: ON
  • User Auth on Captive Web Portal: checked
  • Chose Authentication Type: “Redirect to External URL for Authentication”
  • Send Client’s Requested URL in Clear Text: checked

4. Default Captive Web Portal → Add

  • Name: socialwifi
  • Captive Web Portal: checked
  • Login URL:
  • Password Encryption: No Encryption
  • Authentication Method: PAP
  • Success Page: OFF
  • Redirect clients after a successful login attempt: checked
  • To the initial page: checked
  • Failure Page: OFF
  • Redirect clients after a failed login attempt: checked
  • To the login page: checked

5. Walled Garden → Add

  • Web: checked

Paste the domains below into the text field:



In order to support social media login, include the domains below:

5.1 For Facebook:


5.2 For Google:

5.3 For LinkedIn


5.4 For Twitter:

6. Under Authenticate via RADIUS Server

  • Default RADIUS Server Group – press +

6.1 In the Configure RADIUS Servers window:

  • RADIUS Server Group Name: SocialWiFi
  • Check EXTERNAL RADIUS SERVER and press +
  • Name: swradius
  • IP/Host Name: press + and choose “IP Address”

6.2 In the New IP Address or Host Name window:

  • Name: swradius
  • IP Address:
  • Press SAVE IP

In the previous window:

Server Type:

  • Check Authentication Port: 31812
  • Check Accounting Port: 31813
  • Shared Secret: paste in the RADIUS Secret located in Access Points tab” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” class=”csh-markdown csh-markdown-link”>of your Social WiFi Panel)

6.3 In the Configure RADIUS Servers window check “swradius” on the list and press SAVE RADIUS

6.4 In the Wireless Networks tab press SAVE

6.5 In the Deploy Policy select your chosen AP and press UPLOAD

7. Adding the Access Point’s MAC to Social WiFi dashboard

In the MONITOR tab press “Column Picker” next to the “Update Devices” button and highlight the MAC Address

A “MAC Address” column should show up on the AP list.

Copy the MAC Address of each AP that you want to add to the system and add it in the Social WiFi panel in the “Access Points” tab, press “Add” (upper right corner), paste the MAC address you copied into the form (adding a name is optional) and click “Create”.


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