Sometimes you might want to separate your guest network from your private network. This guide will help you to set up a VLAN on your Social WiFi network, so that any Access Points connected on a particular physical interface and tagged with the same VLAN tag will relay proper packets where you want them to go.

Before you get started with this guide, you will need to configure Social WiFi service on your MikroTik router. Please refer to this guide in order to do so.

Your VLAN ID will also need to be configured on your Access Points and any switch located in between them and the MikroTik router. This setup will be different depending on your device manufacturer, model and operating system.

Configuring Social WiFi VLAN on your MikroTik router

1. Access the device via Winbox

Repeat this process for all ports you want to connect a device on.

2. Interfaces -> Add -> VLAN

  • Name: [your desired name]
  • VLAN ID: [your VLAN ID]
  • Interface: [interface on which your APs are connected]

3. Bridge -> Ports -> Add

  • Interface: [choose the VLAN you created]
  • Bridge: sw
  • Press OK

If your AP is connected on the port you configured (in this case, ethernet port 3) and has properly set VLAN tagging, then you should be free to enjoy Social WiFi service without impacting your main network!


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