In order to configure your Social WiFi service on Ubiquiti UniFi equipment, you will need to place some files in your UniFi Controller’s directory.
To do so, you will require a software such as Cyberduck, which is free and easy to download and install. You can get it from here.
This instruction is directed for both Windows and MacOS.

1. Open Cyberduck

2. Click Open Connection on the top of left side

  • In the first tab, choose SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). This will allow you to connect to your CloudKey.
  • Server: IP of your CloudKey Controller
  • Username: use your CloudKey login
  • Password: use your CloudKey password

Click Connect

If you encounter connection issues or if you are using UniFi Dream Machine instead of a CloudKey, make sure that the SSH access is enabled and that username and password are correct:

3. Click Allow.

4. The path of your first file ( is /srv/unifi/data/sites/default

5. Here you will need to upload the file. To upload it just drag the file from your local computer into Cyberduck’s window

6. After copying the file you will see window below. Click Allow and the process will begin

7. Once file is uploaded, go back to default catalogue and go to app-unifi-hotspot-portal directory directory

Here you need to upload two files: auth.html and index.html. The uploading process it the same as previously. Drag them from your local catalogue into Cyberduck’s window

8. When you are done uploading auth.html and index.html, you can close Cyberduck

9. After uploading the files, please force provisioning of your UniFi Access Points in order to make sure that they receive the latest configuration from your controller. Disabling automatic updates is strongly recommended.

10. You’re done!


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