Gathering reviews from your customers and guests is a key part of the Social WiFi service.

By default, all venues will have this feature turned on, but if you’ve turned it off and want to reactivate them, this will explain how.

Review emails will only be sent to WiFi users that have agreed to communications and have a confirmed email address.

1) Log into your Social WiFi web Dashboard.

2) On the main Venue details tab scroll down to the Features block.

Venue Details Page

Features Block

3) Click the Pencil icon in the top right of the block to allow you to edit the settings.

4) On the Review System row, click on the ‘Inactive’ icon to change the settings to ‘Active’.

Activate Review Emails

At this stage, the review emails are not yet confirmed to be set. You must complete step 5.

5) Click Submit to complete the process. You will be taken back to the Venue Details page.

Your customers and guests will now be receiving review request emails from Social WiFi.

We would now recommend editing and customising your Review emails and landing pages to ensure that they have the same look and feel of your business brand. To learn how to do this, visit…..


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