Upgrade your splash pages to the next level using our predefined and customized styles which allow you to add overlay gradients over your background image.

What is an overlay?

Overlays are basically an image or texture that is added as an additional layer to your picture. We are making them by combining two colors together with a defined transparency level of each one of them.

How to use our predefined colour pallets as your overlay?

Go to the Venue Contents Styles section of the Venue Details page and then click Edit.

Right there you will see our redesign venue style editor that allows you to create aesthetically pleasing splash pages and email templates in only a few clicks.

Settings changed in this mode will only affect new splash pages, not your existing ones.

Add your logo and background image if you haven’t done it before or leave these fields empty if you wanna keep the design simple. You can also change the font.

From the Predefined Style list you can choose one of 16 overlays prepared by our team. Give them a shot and try them on your page, check the result on the preview window. The Predefined Styles change not only your overlay but also suggests button and font colors.

For more customization options, read the next section.

How to customize overlays on you pages?

If our predefined styles are not exactly what you are looking for, you can always customize them or create a new one from the start. To do so you just need to click on the Customize hyperlink to extend your options.

Choose Overlay Gradient from the option list.

In the Background Color section you can choose two colors that will create your gradient. If you have a background image, you’ll need to change its level of transparency to make sure that it’ll be visible under your new created layer.

After picking your colour pallet you can choose the way you want these colours to be arranged in the background. You can choose from

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Left Corner
  • Right Corner

Play with it for a while and you’ll realize how easy it is now to make aesthetically pleasing splash pages with more feeling and character.

When customizing your venue style, don’t forget to check out our options: buttons, font and links colour.

Venue style will only change your default and new splash pages. If you created your own pages before, you’ll need to generate them.


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